Appendix C: Changes since Version 3.8

New packages assert bibasis breduce cde cdiff clprl gcref guardian lalr lessons libreduce listvecops lpdo redfront reduce4 sstools utf8

Core package rlisp Support for namespaces (::)

Default value in switch statement

Support for utf8 characters

Core package poly Improvements for differentiation: new switches expanddf, allowdfint etc (from odesolve)

Core package alg New switch precise_complex

Improvements for switch combineexpt (

New command unset

New operators continued_fraction, totaldeg

Operators now defined in the REDUCE core:

changevar, si, ci, gamma, igamma, psi, polygamma, beta, ibeta, euler, bernoulli, pochhammer, lerchphi, polylog, zeta, besselj, bessely, besseli, besselk, hankel1, hankel2, kummerM, kummerU, struveh, struvel, lommel1, lommel2, whittakerm, whittakerw, AiryAi, AiryBi, AiryAiPrime, Airy_biprime, binomial, solidharmonic, sphericalharmonic, fibonacci,fibonaccip, motzkin, hypergeometric, MeijerG.

Constants now part of the core:

now known as part of the core, as well as constants catalan, euler_gamma, golden_ratio, khinchin.

Core Package solve New boolean operator polyp(p,var), to determine whether p is a pure polynomial in var, ie. the coefficients of p do not contain var.

Core Package matrix New keyword matrixproc for declaration of matrix-valued procedures.

Package defint Added trdefint switch for tracing.